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The CSRS USA Difference

At its very core, CSRS ZA is a humble and modest training company. Our passion for the upskilling and uplifting of individuals through the powerful tool of education has kept us going. We saw the need for a ‘helping hand’ when it came to navigating the treacherous waters of Occupational Health & Safety compliance, and it turns out that the training that we were so passionate about is not that far off.

Industry Experts

With over 25 years of international industry expertise and a dedication to innovation, we are able to offer you the very best product offerings, service packages, and advice. We pull on our vast range of knowledge, from Tyres, Spares and Fuel to Retail and Construction, to advise you and keep you informed and in-the-know. Here at CSRS USA, we truly are revolutionizing the Training Sector.

Cost Effective

At CSRS USA’s very core lies the question, “How can we offer the very best products on the market to our customers, keeping them informed and equipped, while still saving them money?” Our entire company was built around this question. Every package, training course, and PPE & PPC offering has been selected and meticulously crafted in such a way that we can always guarantee that we are staying true to CSRS USA’s very core.

One-Stop Shop

At CSRS USA, we have always strived to deliver the most comprehensive and complete package to our clients in the most simplistic form. With this in mind, every one of our tailor-made offerings have been created to offer you the perfect solution, making CSRS USA the ultimate one-stop shop when it comes to Compliance & Soft Skills Training and PPE & PPC items.